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great news for how 2become!

How 2 become Ltd recently received news that it was selected as one of the 10 National Finalists in the HSBC Start Up Stars competition.

Start-Up Stars recognises those who have identified a business opportunity and used creativity and sound business practice to make it a success.

How 2 become would like to thank the HSBC Bank and all of our customers for their continued support over the past 18 months.




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One of the initial stages of the selection process will see a requirement for you to sit the British Army Recruit Battery Test. The test is more commonly known as the ‘BARB test’ and it has been in use for many years. It is a tried and tested method that the Army will use to determine what career(s) you are most likely to be suited to. It is important that you aim for the highest score possible on the test and this can only be achieved through ‘deliberate’ and ‘repetitive’ practice.

Your choice of trade will be dependant upon the score you achieve during the BARB test. Basically, the higher your score, the more career options you will have. This is a good incentive for you to work hard and prepare fully.

Reasoning tests form an integral part of the BARB selection test within the British Army selection process. These tests are relatively simple to understand once you fully appreciate what is required. The reasoning tests are basically a form of problem solving and you will be asked a number of questions, usually about a relationship between two people. For example, you could be asked a question along the following lines:

Sample question

Stuart is taller than Mark. Who is shorter?

The answer in this case would be Mark as the statement suggests that Stuart is taller than Mark. Therefore Mark is the shorter of the two.

Answer: Mark

Here is another example:

Sample question

Michelle is not as wealthy as Owen. Who has less money?

Answer: Michelle

The statement suggests that Michelle is not as wealthy as Owen, therefore Owen has more money.

When answering these questions it is important to READ each question thoroughly. The questions are relatively simple to answer but they can catch you out if you do not understand exactly what the question is asking.

Computer based version of the test

When you attend the careers office to sit the BARB test you may be asked to take the test on a computer. The computer version of the test will require you to use ‘touch screen’ answers, which means that instead of using a pen and paper to mark down your answers you will have to touch the computer screen instead. Whilst this is far quicker than writing down your answers, you will need to understand the questions fully before giving your answer.

Have a go at the following sample 10 questions to see how you get on:

Question 1

Sophie is not as tall as Andrew. Who is shorter?

Question 2

Peter is wealthier than Roman. Who is the poorest?

Question 3

Grace runs faster than Julie. Who runs the slowest?

Question 4

Thomas is heavier than Fred. Who weighs the most?

Question 5

Charlotte’s house was less expensive than Margaret’s. Whose house cost less?

Question 6

Michael runs slower than his sister Paris. Who runs the fastest?

Question 7

Lily has more money than Hugh. Who is poorer?

Question 8

Amelia is stronger than Brian. Who is the strongest?

Question 9

The red car is older than the green car. Which car is the youngest?

Question 10

Ella’s shoe size is 5 and Mary’s is 8. Who needs the smaller size shoes?

Whilst the above sample questions are relatively easy to answer they will give you a good indication of the type of question you will encounter during the BARB test.

You can obtain instant access to our online Army BARB Test facility please go to the following link =>

Army BARB Test Questions


Question 1 – Sophie

Question 2 – Roman

Question 3 – Julie

Question 4 – Thomas

Question 5 – Charlotte’s

Question 6 – Paris

Question 7 – Hugh

Question 8 – Amelia

Question 9 – Green car

Question 10 – Ella

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