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great news for how 2become!

How 2 become Ltd recently received news that it was selected as one of the 10 National Finalists in the HSBC Start Up Stars competition.

Start-Up Stars recognises those who have identified a business opportunity and used creativity and sound business practice to make it a success.

How 2 become would like to thank the HSBC Bank and all of our customers for their continued support over the past 18 months.




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During your preparation for the Army interview I would strongly recommend that you concentrate on the following key areas:

– The reasons why you have applied and why you want to join.

– Explaining why you have chosen your particular trade or Regiment.

– The information you already about the Army, the training you will undergo and Army lifestyle.

– Your sporting interests, general interests, hobbies and what you do in your spare time.

– Details of responsibilities you currently have either at home, in education or at work.

– What your family think about you wanting to join the Army.

– Your experiences so far of work and also your educational background.

– How stable and mature you are as a person.

– How determined you are to succeed in life.

– What you understand about ‘teamwork’ and what experience you have of it.

– Your attitude towards physical exercise and team sports.

– How you react to discipline.

If you concentrate on the above key areas then you will certainly be increasing your chances of success during the Army interview. In order to assist you further I will now provide you with sample responses to two interview questions


What qualities do you think you need to be a good team player?

The Army needs effective and competent team players. If you already have some experience of working in a team environment then this will work in your favour. Try to think of examples where you have already successfully contributed to a team task either at work or during your education. There are many different qualities required to work as an effective team player. Here are just a few:

– Enthusiastic;

– A good communicator;

– Motivated;

– Supportive of the other team members;

– Providing other team members with encouragement;

– Determined to complete the task;

– Professional and competent;

– Always focused on the wider team objective.

Now take a look at the following sample response to this question.

What qualities do you think you need to be a good team player?

‘First of all I believe a team player must be focused purely on the task that the team is trying to achieve. You must always be professional and supportive of the other team members. For example, if one of the team members is struggling then you should try to help them and support them with their role within the team. It is important as a team player to listen to the brief or details of the task and to communicate properly with everyone else in the team. You must always put the needs of the team before your own and be totally committed to completing the task in hand.’


What is your biggest weakness?

Now there’s a question! If we were all totally honest with ourselves we could probably write a whole list of weaknesses. Now I wouldn’t advise that you reel off a whole list of weaknesses in your interview, as you could do yourself a lot of harm! Conversely, those people who say that they don’t have any weaknesses are probably not telling the truth.

If you are asked a question of this nature then it is important that you give at least one weakness. The trick here is to make the weakness come across as a strength. For example, a person may say that one of their weaknesses is that their own personal standards are too high sometimes and they expect this of others. Or another one is that a person doesn’t know when to relax. They are always on the go achieving and making things happen when they should take more time out to relax and recuperate.

Now take a look at the following sample response to this question.

What is your biggest weakness?

‘That’s a difficult question but I know that I do have a particular weakness. The standards that I always set myself are quite high and unfortunately I get frustrated when other peoples aren’t. For example, I am hardly ever late for anything and believe that punctuality is important. However, if I’m left waiting for other people who are late I usually have to say something to them when they finally arrive, which isn’t always a good thing. I need to understand that not everyone is the same and let some things go over my head.’

Use the above tips when preparing for your Army interview and you won’t go too far wrong.

To find out more Army Interview tips go to =

How To Pass The Army Interview

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