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great news for how 2become!

How 2 become Ltd recently received news that it was selected as one of the 10 National Finalists in the HSBC Start Up Stars competition.

Start-Up Stars recognises those who have identified a business opportunity and used creativity and sound business practice to make it a success.

How 2 become would like to thank the HSBC Bank and all of our customers for their continued support over the past 18 months.




How to Pass Your Interview CD Rom. Click the image for more details!


Click the image above for more details!


CABIN CREW DVD COURSE!The Cabin Crew DVD course!

This comprehensive 60-minute DVD course will teach you how to pass every stage of the cabin crew selection process. Made in conjunction with serving cabin crew recruitment staff, it is the only resource you need.

A cabin crew job is one of the top 10 careers that people aspire to and with air travel on the increase there are more and more opportunities out there for people like you to secure this fantastic job.

As with any highly sought after career of this nature the competition is tough. Therefore, it is crucial that you arm yourself with professional and insider information before you apply. Not only will this DVD course give you both of these but it will also tell you how to complete the cabin crew application form, how to prepare for the assessment centre and also how to pass the cabin crew interview, including actual interview questions.



The ‘Cabin Crew DVD course’ is full of insider knowledge, tips and advice and covers a wide range of topics such as application form completion tips, team assessment advice and actual interview questions! This guide is designed for anybody who is serious about becoming cabin crew…


• The top tips and advice on how to apply and pass selection.
• How to pass the cabin crew selection process with very high grades.
• In-depth knowledge to prepare you for your cabin crew career.
• Lots of sample interview questions and tips on how to answer them.

The information we will supply you with in this comprehensive ‘Cabin Crew DVD Course’ has been created by current serving cabin crew staff so you are guaranteed to gain very high scores during the selection process if you follow the insider tips carefully.



Over 90% of candidates fail at the application form stage, usually due to a number of elements.

In the majority of cases, candidates fail to demonstrate that they have the right customer service skills to become cabin crew. You must provide responses to questions that match the requirements of the cabin crew role. Whether you are completing the form online or via the post you must ensure that you submit the right responses relevant to your own personal circumstances and experience.

Within this guide, which is available as an exclusive DVD course, we have provided a complete section dedicated to the correct completion of the application form including sample responses.


As you can imagine, the need for exceptional customer care and teamworking skills as a member of the cabin crew team are vital. You will often be working very closely with people whom you will have never met before. Coupled with the fact that you may be thrown into an emergency situation together, this means that you must be capable of working with anyone at a moment’s notice. You will be heavily assessed on your teamworking skills during the selection process.

Throughout the team assessments the recruitment staff will be looking for specific qualities from each candidate. These qualities include having the ability to involve other members of the group, providing positive feedback and offering logical solutions to resolve problems. Within the guide we will tell you what the recruitment staff are looking for and how to demonstrate these qualities, further increasing your chances of success.

This comprehensive insider’s DVD coursewill show you exactly how to pass the cabin crew selection process. It contains literally hundreds of tips and advice on how to gain maximum scores during every stage of selection!


The Cabin Crew DVD course!

The ‘Cabin Crew DVD Course’ includes:

• The Top 10 insider tips and advice on how to prepare properly.

• The qualities and attributes of cabin crew and how to demonstrate them.

• Completing the cabin crew application form correctly to ensure success.

• Sample cabin crew application form responses that you can COPY!

• Passing the team assessments and gaining very high scores.

• How the team assessments are assessed and the qualities you must demonstrate.

• Actual cabin crew interview questions.

• How to answer the interview questions.

• Preparing for the interview to help you succeed.

• Creating an effective introduction speech that will impress the panel.

• Insider tips on what to wear at the assessments (very important).

• General knowledge test questions to assess your knowledge.

• Mathematics assessment.

• Choosing the right airline for you.

• Airline contact details so that you can apply for cabin crew jobs.

• How to deal with complaints effectively.

• Researching the airline that you are applying for.

• Creating the right impression at assessment and interview.

PLUS- Brand new EXCLUSIVE content!

Your DVD course contains exclusive content on how to pass the cabin crew selection interview. Before you attend the cabin crew interview it is very important that you carry out plenty of research. The interview panel will expect you to know a lot about the airline, such as where they fly to and from, how many people work for them, what their customer charter is, the cost of flights, the services they offer during their flights and also the short haul and long haul destinations. Within the ‘Cabin Crew Course DVD’ we will tell you exactly what to research and also the type of questions that you could get asked during your selection interview.

Don’t leave your success to chance – get hold of your copy today and get on the road to success with the ‘Cabin Crew Course DVD’.

During the cabin crew interview you will get asked a number of questions that relate to your ability to act in specific situations. For example, cabin crew need to be able to act extremely calmly under difficult and pressurised situations. You will undoubtedly have to deal with an emergency situation during your career and this will involve having to reassure and calm passengers down. Having the ability to deal effectively with customer complaints is also a pre-requisite for the role. You must know how to deal with difficult and confrontational people too – an unglamorous part of the job but a necessity nonetheless. Within this DVD we will show you how to answer these types of questions and also provide you with sample responses to the cabin crew interview questions.


The Cabin Crew DVD course!

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