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great news for how 2become!

How 2 become Ltd recently received news that it was selected as one of the 10 National Finalists in the HSBC Start Up Stars competition.

Start-Up Stars recognises those who have identified a business opportunity and used creativity and sound business practice to make it a success.

How 2 become would like to thank the HSBC Bank and all of our customers for their continued support over the past 18 months.




How to Pass Your Interview CD Rom. Click the image for more details!


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Exclusive Firefighter Application Form Checking Service.



When you apply to become a Firefighter, do you want to have your firefighter application form checked by a former Fire Officer?



We are now offering a unique service that will check your application form for grammatical and/or spelling errors, but also provide you with essential INSIDER advice and tips on how to complete your form correctly.

– Do you want to beat the competition and join the Fire Service?

– Do you want your form checked by an expert from the Service?

– Do you want to PASS the firefighter application stage?

The Firefighter application form is the initial stage of the new National Firefighter selection process. It is a well known fact that over 80% of application forms submitted do not make it past this difficult stage!

We WILL show you how to become part of the successful 20%.


Two Quick Top Tips for completing a successful firefighter application form:


Matching the firefighter Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQA) is essential.

During the application form you will be asked a number of questions that are based around the firefighter Personal Qualities and Attributes. In basic terms the Fire Brigade want to know that you can meet the requirements of the ‘person specification’ for the job that you are applying for. Therefore, your answers should match the PQA’s that are relevant to the role as closely as possible. We will ensure that your answers are structured around these by covering each area based upon your own experiences in both your work life and personal life.


Try to include ‘keywords’ from the PQA’s in your responses.

The questions that are contained within the application form need to be responded to in a specific way. Many applicants fall down at this stage by not thinking about the question and they ultimately end up providing a poor response that doesn’t match the PQA’s.

We will show you how to take a scenario that you have experienced and then relate it specifically to the question that is being asked. We will also ensure that your response shows you using appropriate language and also making every effort to ensure that you match the core competencies.


Armed with the right knowledge of how to complete your firefighter application form correctly you will be increasing your chances of success and will ultimately make it through to the next stage of the selection process!



Firefighter Application Form Checking Service

Exclusive Firefighter Application Form Checking Service.


To have your application form checked and prepared, simply click the BUY NOW button below and then send us your reference number along with your completed application form.

Once your payment has been made you will instantly receive an email explaining where to send your form.Your firefighter application form will then be checked by a former serving Fire Officer and you will receive comprehensive feedback within 48 hours.


BUY NOW FOR ONLY £70 + vat 

E Mail : info@how2become.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What happens after I have paid for the service?

A. Once you have paid you will receive an email from us instantly explaining where you need to send your completed application form to. Once we have received it we will email you back to confirm it has been received (usually within 12 hours during normal working hours).

Q. How long will it take you to check my form?

A. We will return your form to you via email, including feedback, within 48 hours of receiving your completed form. This excludes weekends where there will be a longer wait.


Q. Will you complete my form for me?

A. No. You must complete the form first and submit it for feedback/checking.

Q. Who checks the form and how qualified are they?

A. Your form will be checked by a former serving Fire Officer who has 17 years experience.

Q. Can you guarantee that my form will get through?

A. No, we cannot. However we do have a success rate of 93%!

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