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great news for how 2become!

How 2 become Ltd recently received news that it was selected as one of the 10 National Finalists in the HSBC Start Up Stars competition.

Start-Up Stars recognises those who have identified a business opportunity and used creativity and sound business practice to make it a success.

How 2 become would like to thank the HSBC Bank and all of our customers for their continued support over the past 18 months.




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How To Become a Kitchen Fitter

“You can make £900.00 – £1200.00 EVERY WEEK by becoming a kitchen fitter”

This how to become a kitchen fitter course will show you how!

Dear Friend,

My name is Mark Goodman and just a few years ago I was working in a 9-5 job earning a very small salary and hating every minute of it. Does this sound familiar? If so, then you are in the same position that I was in not too long ago. I wanted to get out of it so desperately and more importantly, I wanted a job that would give me freedom and the ability to work with my hands – I’d basically had enough of working behind a desk!

I had noticed in the news that there was a real shortage of kitchen fitters and I started to think to myself that I was:

1. Good with my hands and enjoyed practical work.

2. Good at learning new skills.

This is when it dawned on me that I should give it a go. So I did! I started off by training to become a kitchen fitter and whilst the course was expensive it wasn’t long before I was making very large amounts of money each week. After a while I thought to myself that it would have been very beneficial if there had been a cost effective guide on how to become a kitchen fitter when I was starting out. Therefore, I decided to create one that would help people like you to share the same amount of freedom and financial wealth that I now have. In fact, the very same people are still crying out for kitchen fitters so there will never be a lack of work!

The great thing is I am now my own boss and I can do what I want, when I want. It takes me approximately 2-3 days to fit a kitchen and that can earn me up to £5,000! Imagine earning a salary before costs of £20,000 a month! That was more than I earned in a year in my old office job! Figure it out!

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a kitchen fitter:

– The kitchen fitter trade requires NO formal qualifications.

There is no lengthy classroom studying as you can learn from this guide.

– NO exams to pass and NO certificates to be approved.

The other great thing about being a kitchen fitter is that you can start up with very small costs. When I started I purchased the tools that are contained within this guide, and nothing else! When I price up jobs I always ask for a 20% deposit which allows me to go and buy the resources I need in order to fit the kitchen. Therefore, there is no risk involved and no financial outlay. Things don’t get better than that! Many of my friends had started out as plumbers or electricians and, whilst they earn good money, they are still paying back the loans they had to take out for their training and expensive equipment.

I regularly sell my kitchen fitting service for between £1200 and £5,000 cash, and you can learn how to do the same.

This how to become a kitchen fitter course will teach you:

– How to set up your own kitchen fitting business.

– How to properly promote yourself as a kitchen fitter.

– How to keep good customer contact and get recommendations.

– How to really sell yourself and your service.

– Exactly what tools you will need to obtain to carry out the job.

– A step-by-step guide on how to fit a kitchen.

– And how to keep your business running year after year, and making loads of money!

So, do you want the same lifestyle that you’ve got now or do you want to become a kitchen fitter and really start to earn huge sums of cash? In fact, I’ll let you into a little secret about my salary. Last year (2010) I earned a whopping £70,000 salary, and that was in a recession! I won’t tell you what it was the year before but I’m sure you will have an idea of how large it was!

When you get your copy of my how to become a kitchen fitter guide you will receive INSIDER trade secrets fast and right first time that get the job done

You will learn how to fit a kitchen in the fastest and most cost effective way possible leaving your customers very happy and, you guessed it, recommending you to their friends and neighbours. You see, this is how I get most of my business – through customer referrals. If you do a good job you will never have to pay a penny in advertising or marketing.

And let me remind you that the money I have been earning is ACTUAL PROFIT!

You do not need to know anything about how to fit kitchens as I will show you how. All you need is the ability to learn, which you DO have, and the desire to carry out a practical job. No more sat behind a desk day in day out.


The content within the how to become a kitchen fitter course is worth literally thousands of £’s.

– How to set up the kitchen fitting business and become your own boss.

– Getting regular work coming in week in, week out.

– How to purchase your stock and tools at trade price.

– How to gain regular local contracts and be in constant work.

– Full instructions on how to fit kitchens.

– How to dismantle the old kitchen and fit the new one in the same space.

– The preparation work that you must carry out for the job to be high quality.

– Accurate marking up which will save mistakes later on.

– Setting out, fixing and levelling units.

– How to cut out worktops for your sinks and hobs.

– Fixing taps and sinks etc.

– Creating scribe joints in place the professional way.

– Fitting end panels.

– How to use a router and how to use a jig.

– Adjusting doors so that they fit and stay working.

– The tools you’ll need and safe working.

– Installing kitchen appliances safely and effectively.

– Fitting end caps.

– Cornice, pelmet and plinths.

– The finishing touches to your new kitchen.

You will learn everything you need to know in order to become a competent and professional kitchen fitter. Have a job for life and earn a huge salary like me!

Order now and start your own kitchen fitting business and make a substantial living – you owe it to yourself!

How To Become a Kitchen Fitter


Mark Goodman


How To Be A Kitchen Fitter

For all enquiries/comments please contact us at: info@how2become.co.uk

How2become is an HSBC Start-Up Stars National Finalist.

How2become Ltd | Suite 2 | 50 Churchill Square | Kings Hill | Kent | ME19 4YU

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