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great news for how 2become!

How 2 become Ltd recently received news that it was selected as one of the 10 National Finalists in the HSBC Start Up Stars competition.

Start-Up Stars recognises those who have identified a business opportunity and used creativity and sound business practice to make it a success.

How 2 become would like to thank the HSBC Bank and all of our customers for their continued support over the past 18 months.




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RAF Officer Tests Questions

Get INSTANT ACCESS NOW to 100’s of online RAF officer test questions! (includes speed, distance and time + planning exercises)

BUY NOW FOR ONLY £9.99 + vat 

As part of the RAF officer selection process you will be required to pass a stringent selection test which includes a both aptitude tests, including speed, distance and time calculations, and also planning exercises. The most effective way to prepare for these tests is to try out lots of sample test questions at your own convenience. We have created an online RAF Officer Testing Suite that will provide you with literally 100’s of sample test questions!



When you purchase the online RAF Officer Test Suite you will get INSTANT access to 100’s of different test questions that will massively help you to PASS the real tests. We frequently add new test questions to keep you fresh and challenged.


100’s of online test questions

Online RAF Officer Test

Get your ticket to our exclusive RAF officer test suite NOW and you will receive:


– Planning Exercise Test 01

– Planning Exercise Test 02

– Planning Exercise Test 03

– Planning Exercise Test 04

– Planning Exercise Test 05

– Planning Exercise Test 06

– Planning Exercise Test 07

– Planning Exercise Test 08

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 01

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 02

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 03

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 04

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 05

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 06

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 07

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 08

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 09

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 10

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 11

– Speed, Distance, Time Test 12

– Abstract Reasoning Test 01

– Abstract Reasoning Test 02

– Abstract Reasoning Test 03

– Abstract Reasoning Test 04

– Abstract Reasoning Test 05

– Abstract Reasoning Test 06

– Abstract Reasoning Test 07

– Answers to Planning Exercise Tests

– Mechanical Comprehension Test 01

– Mechanical Comprehension Test 02

Exceptional preparation for the RAF officer tests and Officer Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC)

– Numerical Reasoning Test 01

– Numerical Reasoning Test 02

– Numerical Reasoning Test 03

– Numerical Reasoning Test 04

– Numerical Reasoning Test 05

– Numerical Reasoning Test 06

– Numerical Reasoning Test 07

– Numerical Reasoning Test 08

– Numerical Reasoning Test 09

– Numerical Reasoning Test 10

– Numerical Reasoning Test 11

– Numerical Reasoning Test 12

– Numerical Reasoning Test 13

– Numerical Reasoning Test 14

– Numerical Reasoning Test 15

– Verbal Reasoning Test 01

– Verbal Reasoning Test 02

– Verbal Reasoning Test 03

– Verbal Reasoning Test 04

– Verbal Reasoning Test 05

– Verbal Reasoning Test 06

– Verbal Reasoning Test 07

– Verbal Reasoning Test 08

– Verbal Reasoning Test 09

– Verbal Reasoning Test 10

– Verbal Reasoning Test 11

– Verbal Reasoning Test 12

The RAF Officer tests will help you to pass the OASC and the Planning Exercises!

– Verbal Reasoning Test 13

– Verbal Reasoning Test 14

– Verbal Reasoning Test 15

– Verbal Reasoning Test 16

– Verbal Reasoning Test 17

– Verbal Reasoning Test 18

– Verbal Reasoning Test 19

– Verbal Reasoning Test 20

– Verbal Reasoning Test 21

– Verbal Reasoning Test 22

– Verbal Reasoning Test 23

– Verbal Reasoning Test 24

– Verbal Reasoning Test 25

– Work Rate Test 0



SIGN UP TO INSTANT ONLINE RAF OFFICER TESTING NOW and receive hundreds of test questions including speed, distance and time, aptitude tests and planning exercises!


Plus… sign up today and you will receive a FREE 50-page Interview Workbook

Your FREE Interview Workbook!

Sign up to the online RAF Officer Testing Suite and receive your FREE comprehensive 50-page Interview Workbook. Get started with your interview preparation by downloading this fantastic insider’s guide to passing any interview. It contains lots of sample questions and it even gives you the answers!


Online RAF Tests!

INSTANT ACCESS – Only £9.99 + vat

RAF Officer tests and Planning Exercises



Satisfaction Guaranteed

As soon as you make your payment you will receive a unique username and password that is for you to keep and use 24 hours a day!


Secure payments through Worldpay or Paypal







Online RAF Officer Tests!

RAF Officer online tests!

As soon as you have made your payment of just £9.99 + vat you will receive an email containing a unique username and password that provides you with access 365 days a year.

BUY NOW ONLY £9.99 + vat



Contact us at: info@how2become.co.uk

How2become is an HSBC Start-Up Stars National Finalist.


How2become - HSBC Start Up Stars

How2become Ltd | Suite 2 | 50 Churchill Square Business Centre | Kings Hill | Kent | ME19 4YU


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This service requires a monthly payment of £9.99 + vat. You will be charged £9.99 + vat per month until you decide to cancel the service. In order to cancel your subscription simply contact us at info@how2become.co.uk and provide us with your order ID number and we will cancel your online service.

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