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great news for how 2become!

How 2 become Ltd recently received news that it was selected as one of the 10 National Finalists in the HSBC Start Up Stars competition.

Start-Up Stars recognises those who have identified a business opportunity and used creativity and sound business practice to make it a success.

How 2 become would like to thank the HSBC Bank and all of our customers for their continued support over the past 18 months.




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How2become is known for its brilliant service and its increasingly high success rate. We would like to let you, our customers, see the proof of this rather than just taking our word for it. Please see our feedback below from previous customers.

How2Become has been short-listed in the 2012 IPG publishing awards as Best Newcomer. This award adds to our previous nominations for the HSBC bank start up stars awards and the National Online Recruitment Awards!

How2Become is an Award Winning Business!

Please scroll down to see very recent testimonials for both guides and training courses!

Hi Richard, Thank you for all information about the Police courses. I never attended any course, but I have bought few DVD’s and books instead.

Over the last year I went through the application process, interviews, medical and I am waiting for fitness only.

If I look back my advice to anyone who is applying to be a Police Officer would be to attend one day training course.

The whole process is so tense, that it would be better to have some experience ahead.

I would like to say many thanks for your help with the materials you are providing for people. Hope that you’ll have a successful New Year2009.

Yours Sincerely
Nadia C.D


I am writing to thank you for providing an excellent product in “How To Become a Police Officer”.  The information offered in the pack was invaluable in helping me achieve the required standards during every stage of the initial recruitment selection process. I am now into my second month as an independent response officer in Liverpool City Centre. It was one of the wisest purchases I have made – thank you.
Will F.

How 2 Become,

Many thanks for your email; I commend you on your top service you have just provided. It was extremely swift and has fulfilled my needs exactly. Top Job!

Thank you

Hi Richard,

Just a quick note to say, that I have been selected for the RAF College and engineering sponsorship scheme. Thanks for your help.

Adam M.

Dear Mr. McMunn

Back in October of 2008, I purchased How To Become a Paramedic.

At the time I was a 6th form student, sitting A-levels, so applied through UCAS to Sheffield Hallam and Hertfordshire universities. I had had quite a bit of help from medics themselves on how to conduct oneself in interview, however not all of them could remind me of very particular things to mention that interviewers from EMAS / LAS would be looking for, in particular working without prejudice and discrimination, and also finding time to escape from the hustle and bustle of working in an ambulance service. Your e-book helped me here, and not only did I get interviews for both, I also got offered places at both. Now having received my A-level results, everything has been finalized for me to go to Sheffield hallam university, working on placement for EMAS.

For this, I thank you, and have recommended your products to others looking to follow the same route as I have.

Many Thanks
Piers J. P.

“…the aptitude tests were for my son who has successfully passed the aptitude test for a Navy Officer & he said your tests helped enormously.  He was only one out of two successful applicants form a group of twenty. An excellent product!”

Best Regards
Terry J.


Just a quick e-mail to say thank you very much for helping me to beat 4500 others to be successfully selected as a Student Paramedic by the LAS. I quite literally owe this outcome to your training media. My interview was so close to your interview DVD, most of the questions I was asked your DVD had covered. I was phoned the very next day (a Sunday!) to be told I have been successful!

Tony M.

“…I have finished with the online paramedic test now after being successful so can you please cancel any subscription…”

Kurt M.

Dear Sir

As I have now passed the entrance exam to join the service, I would like to cancel the monthly subscription forthwith.

Yours Faithfully

K Blackmore

Hi Richard

Well i have finally got a job in the rail industry,I have got a postion as a Senior Conductor with Grand Central Railways working from Bradford to King Cross.I Start on the 1st March.
I feel the day spent on the train driver course in November, and your in-deth Train Driver guide helped with the  interview and situaitonal questions and i breezed through the interview. Many thanks for your help so far and  i will keep you posted on the job especially if/when driving postions become availble.

Graeme D

Hi can you cancel this service please as I no longer require it. I passed!
yay 🙂

James Gardner

Hi I would like to cancel my order after the 1st month, my son has past the test with no problem thank you.Regards

Mr Stokes

I am please that I have successfully passed the selection test today. Could you kindly please therefore cancel my subsription with immediate effect. I found your tests very useful.
Kind regards,
Mr N Hawkey

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please cancel my order as i have now completed the paramedic tests and i was successful, i have now been offered an interview.

Many thanks

Jonathan Harvey

I wish to cancel my monthly payments for the Aircrew Selection Tests as I have passed this now.

Thank you they were accurate!

Becky Powles

Hello there,

Thank you for your recent e-mail invitation to attend the Train Driver
Course. After purchasing the “How To Become A Train Driver” and “How to
pass the Train Driver Interview” I studied and researched for many hours
and was successful in passing the assessment centre last week.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable guides, they are quite simply worth their weight in gold.

Many thanks
Mr Shaun Derbyshire

Hi Richard,

I passed the AIB 7-9 Feb. And ive been selected for Observer starting in April.
Thanks for your help with the course and questions post course.


I have now successful passed my barb test please cancel my subscription.

Many thanks

J Beer

Hello, I purchased your guide for officer testing for my daughter. She has been to the officer selection centre and she no longer requires your service which was very useful.

Mrs Edmunds


Please could you cancel my monthly subscription to the online police PIR exam.  I have passed the exam and no longer need your services. It was a great help thanks.

Many Thanks

Rob Ewin


Thankyou for such an excellent service I have been successfully employed as
a Student Ambulance Paramedic. I now wish to cancel my monthly
subscription but do not know how please could you tell me.

Thanking you in anticipation

A. Copcutt

Thanks for the help with the Royal Navy Aptitude Tests. My son passed with flying colours according to the Officer at the Careers Office.

Please would you be able to cancel my subscription as I now longer require the service.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs H Griffiths

To Whom it may concern,

Please note i no longer require the how2become, this has been very successful in helping my son pass his navy test.


Lynda H


I just learned that I have been appointed as a magistrate and will swear in and commence training very soon.

I believe that my success has been due in no small part to the invaluable advice contained in the ‘How 2 Become a Magistrate’ course I downloaded some time ago.

Many thanks

Harry Taylor



To whom it may concern,

My name is Mike and I have recently purchased the How2become a Police officer CD-ROM. I have used it to help me fill the application form for my local Police Force, it was something which was of immense help.

Thank you very much

Mike T



hi, can you cancel my online testing service as i passed today thanks it was a great help.
Mr A gilby



Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently ordered the online police officer testing suite, and due to my recent success at a police day 1 assessment I will not be needing this service anymore.

Thank you very much.
B Stew


Just wanted to say a big thank you.  The disk has been a great help to my son, and it has boosted his confidence for his filter interview which is to beld this Thursday.
Regards, Mandy


I’d like to cancel my prescription to the online  test centre,my husband’s now passed the entry exams.
Many thanks


Richard, your advice was like a magic formula. I could tell they were impressed when I knew about diversity of the area, the values & mission statements, CPD and Community Safety Partnerships etc. I’m so happy I can’t tell you. Thank you. Chris



Hi, My husband has passed his police assessment and am sure it was with
your help!





I have now had my Police test and would like to cancel my subscription to
your site.  Thanks it was really useful !

Lounis Zourdani



Hi Richard,

Just to let you know i passed all the rest of the stuff and began my training at the beginning of april, i absolutly love it. Thanks so much for your help leading up to the assessment day,




I was told when I was finished with the Royal Marine practise test suite to ask to cancel my subscription. Well, thanks to your amazing practise tests I have now passed my Royal Marines pyschometric test.

Thanks for all the help.

E Thornton


hello i would like to cancel this service as i have successfully passed my psychometric test, the software is great and really helped, thanks alot Order ID: 160387XXX.



From Jenny Harvey

Please can someone cancel my online Paramedic testing suite subscription. Many thanks and thank you for the help. I found this very useful.

Many thanks again.



hello richard,

I recently purchased the online prison service test and would like to cancel it now please.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how fantastically useful i thought your products were.

rebecca brown



Just to let you know that I attended AIB this past week and received “a very strong pass”, according to the Board President. As such, I have been advised to prepare for CTCRM in anticipation of official confirmation of a start date. Please could you let Chris know and say a big “thank you” to him.


Andrew Crichton.


Hi, I no longer need your services therefore I would like to cancel all my recurring payments to you.

Thank you very much for all your services. I have been very satisfied with the service and testing suite.

Best Wishes

Christian Delen


The site has been of great help, and I will purchase it again when my area is recruiting in the future

Thank you for your help

D Anthony

Dear Sir/ Madam

I wish to cancel my monthly payments for the online police test services. I have passed my assessment centre and for the time being no longer need the online testing centre.

many thanks

L Giles


Hello How2become,

I bought the “how to become a train driver” book from you a few months ago and applied for as many railway related jobs as I could and thanks to your book i’ve managed to get an excellent job, even thro its not train driving yet, your book was spot on, from the info on filling out the application form to the interveiw tips, all worked great!

many thanks



I am very interested to book and attend the 1 day course. Thanks to the “How to become a train driver” book, I have now passed to the 2nd stage of the train driver assessment which is the structured interview. I would very much like to attend however, as I have already progressed to the 2nd stage (thanks to the book!), I was wondering if it would be possible to only attend the structured interview part of the 1 day course with a lower charge rather the full charge for the whole part of the 1 day course, would that be possible?



Hi Could you please cancel my subscription as from now as my daughter
has now passed her entrance for the army. I would like to say a big
thank you as your site has really help her.
Once again many thanks
K Goodwin


Hi Richard, I attended an AIB course with you on january 28th or there abouts. Just wanted to let you know that I passed my AIB this week, first time. Just wanted to to thank you again for putting on such a great course for potential YO candidates. I have been encouraging others to come down and see you!

Thanks again.



Dear Richard,

I would like to thank you for running the Army Officer course on Saturday; I took a lot away from that course in particular the need to practice the planning exercises

Kind Regards,
Joe C.

Hi Richard,

I attended your RAF Officer Course in November 2008 and went to OASC 2 weeks afterwards. You asked me to let you know how I got on so here I am letting you know.

Well, I got in! I have been offered Air Traffic Control Officer on Permanent Commission. Start Initial Officer Training Course No.16 on March 22nd.

Just want to thank you for the advice you gave on that day I attended your course as it was invaluable to help me succeed in many aspects of OASC.

Wish me luck, and thank you.
Ed T.

Hi Richard


I attended your RAF Officer course on 13/6/09 preceding my visit to OASC on the 16th, I said I’d email you to let you know how I got on so here it is – I passed OASC and received a provisional start date yesterday for 15th November

I scored really well in the aptitude tests (172/180)… …I found that some of the pointers about involving others, teamwork and leadership during the h2b course definitely helped… …For the interview I was ‘confident and cheerful throughout’… …No problems with the fitness…

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for the tips, pointers and guidance that I’m sure helped me get through. It gave me another perspective in how to approach OASC which was really beneficial, helped me to stand out against some of the other candidates and showed that I’d really prepared.
Dave S.

Just to say a big thank you did the course with you on 1st August it has made me more determined to succeed in this role.

Many thanks

Dear Richard,
Having recently attended your ‘How to become a Police Officer’ course, I wanted to offer you some feedback, as I feel it allows businesses/organizations to improve services, where necessary. Well, not in your case, as the course content was fantastic!

I had originally booked myself onto your course, as I did not feel that I was 100% ready, in re-applying for the position as Police Officer (even though I had failed by a miserable 3%, in Jan ’09), however, after having attended I can’t wait, as I know I can do it this time.

I was pleasantly surprised, that information shared, was so accurate, and also relished the opportunities that we were given within the group setting, for example, being able to practice roles play scenario’s, written exercises etc.

I would also like to ‘Thank’ Chris Benham, as he facilitated the course amazingly, keeping every-one engaged from start to finish.

Overall, was a great opportunity and confidence booster.

Keep up the hard work!

Best wishes,

Good afternoon,

I was lucky enough to go on one of your training course on Sunday 9th August… I would Like to take this opportunity to take you very much for the course Chris Benham was fantastic; a credit to your company. He has given me a refresher into what is expected and a much needed boast to my confidence before my assessment centre next month.
So please if you would be kind enough to pass on my gratitude I would be most grateful and I will let you know if it was enough to get my through and pass.

Kindest regards
Laura L.

Hi Richard,

Just wanted to let you know that I did my ability tests two weeks ago and I didn’t attempt to use a calculator (even though I thought I needed one) and I’ve PASSED!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Telephone interview is next, which I’m nervous about!!!! There were a few people who I’ve kept in touch with, who unfortunately haven’t passed, but I’ve pointed them in your direction and told them how good the course is!!!

Thank-you again!!!

Hi Richard,

Thank you for sending over the zip file. I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Saturday and found it very informative. Having sat through quite a few courses during my relatively short time in the RAF, hosted by both civilians and service personnel, yours was the best prepared and presented I have experienced.

Thanks again,
All the best,
Rob M


Hi Richard,

Hope you are well. Just emailing to say thank you for all your advice and help you gave me during my application stage. I found out late last week that it was successful, and my first test is on the 26th October.
I can totally see where I went wrong on my previous application and how much your “How2Become a Firefighter” course helped me.


Thanks again.
Kind regards
Rob H.


Dear Richard

Just a quick email to let you know that I have received confirmation from the Fire Service stating that I have passed all of my written assessments and PQAs. I would like to thank you for your help during the course and the invaluable feedback given. I am now going to be studying hard for my interview in 10 days.

Many thanks again
Rob F.

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